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Corner Sofa Ottomans Left Facing Arm

Corner Sofa Ottomans Left Facing Arm

Corner Sofa Ottomans Left Facing Arm. Arm corner sofa with ottomans and left facing arm. in its minimalism, matchless comfort, and epic scale, the offers modular components creating endless configuration possibilities. Upholstered in plush, hand, basketweave fabric, featuring and resistance to fading. brilliantly polished chrome steel tube wraps around the base of the module seamlessly, with degree joinery. Smoothly connect multiple components with an included clamp. eucalyptus construction with pirelli webbing support, plus resiliency foams seat, back, and arm. remind us of true artisanal craftsmanship. armless modular unit and connection clamp. Throw pillows offered separately. Throw pillows offered separately. Sofa configuration as displayed comes with left or right facing arm, armless, ottomans, and corner unit. Epic scale, proportions and massive comfort. Polished laser cut chrome steel tube adorns the platform base. eucalyptus frame, resiliency foams, and classfabrics remind us of artisanal craftsmanship. Eucalyptu. Furniture. Click for the price and more details!
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