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impressive hand carved bombe from french, meaning curving or bulging outward, refers to a style of chest or table that has an outward-bulging profile that curves inward at the base an exaggeratedly curved and swollen form characteristic of the rococo a decorative style which characterised by delicate curved outlines, c-scrolls, fantastic organic forms and a tendency towards asymmetry in ornamental

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Sarreid Studded Gentlemans Chest Leather, wood, brass an alloy of copper composed of copper and zinc, brass is stronger than copper and
Pulaski Au Clair Drawer Accent Chest Veneer None. Bombe design. Detailed pilasters, Drawer molding and base rail. Hand painted. 3 Drawers.
Stanley Farmhouse Drawer Door Campagne Cabinet European Farmhouse . Cottage Country style. Dutch white cedar . Adjustable interior shelves. Accent cabinet.
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