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The Royal Louis was a 3 deck vessel with 120 guns. Her captain was a Squadron Admiral. She was 1 of the most powerful first rank vessels belonging to the French Royal Navy at that time. The model represents the Royal Louis according to the plans of .

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Spi Magnificent Marlin Statue Made from brass an alloy of copper composed of copper and zinc, brass is stronger than copper and has
Handcrafted Nautical Decor Queen Cruise Ship Led Lights limited edition scale model a replica of an object which may be smaller or larger than the original,
Handcrafted Nautical Decor Yacht Ready for immediate display Not a model ship kit. model come with wooden hull. Historically accurate
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Old Modern Handicraft Bluenose Ship In its day, there was no yacht like the Bluenose II, a fishing schooner that combined efficiency, speed.
Old Modern Handicraft Year Anniversary Titanic Ship model was made according to scale from the original plans. Take more than 750 hours to complete from
Old Modern Handicraft Canoe Table Ship The newly designed Canoe Table is 100 procent handmade by knowledgeableand skillful boat builder. It

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