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A beautitotally made f panel a board supported by rails and stiles in joined furniture, the board can be flat or may have carved decoration, a popular decorative method is to machine a border when the panel is known as a raised and fielded panel room divider, with hand carved bamboo style wood frames around medium gloss black lacquer a synthetic organic ing that dries by evaporation of volatile

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Stein World Panel Room Divider Rustic metal. 3 removable shelves. Storage space. Weathered wood . Urban Natural . Folding. Style Contemporary.
Screen Gems Danyl Screen Panel Room Divider 3 Panels. Patterned wood paneling construction. Brown metallic . Subtle brown and black accents to complement
Moes Dasha Panel Room Divider Hardwood. Contemporary style Room divider . Folding. Style Contemporary. Room Divider. Color Powder Coated
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Oriental Kuai Men Panel Room Divider Classic mortise the rectangular cavity cut into a piece of lumber into which a tenon the male member
Oriental Hand Painted Drawer Chest Made utilizing Ming frame craftsmanship and quality brass an alloy of copper composed of copper and zinc,
Oriental Korean Drawer Chest Gorgeous Asian design small chest of drawers, ideal for a broad range of practical and decorative uses.

Butler Courtland Drawer Cabinet Masterpiece represents s hand picked of lifestyle pieces for those with discriminating tastes. and a

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