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Wish you could see 1 in the flesh. Its about 8 feet tall and curvy. Look tightly at the neck of the cello. Then look at the arm coming through the cello. Then make a mental note of the colors. Its painted steel. Its a c inch tha.

Make room for the Goliath multiple piece modular sectional sofa. Big on style, big on comfort. Modular design for multiple configurations. Plush down cushions. Exclusive fabrics.

Spi Magnificent Marlin Statue Made from brass an alloy of copper composed of copper and zinc, brass is stronger than copper and has
Old Modern Handicraft Large Ship The U. S. S. Constitution, a three mast frigate, is the worlds oldest commissioned warship. Built for
Handcrafted Nautical Decor Queen Cruise Ship Led Lights limited edition scale model a replica of an object which may be smaller or larger than the original,
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Harvey Gallery Alice Wonderland Staute 1 sits right in front of the Gallery gallery, perpetually reading from a exceptional big copper book.
Harvey Gallery Balancing Act Staute looks to be Giselles younger sister, looking rather glib up on her unicycle. A bronze mesh umbrella lets

Sarreid Portofino Door Chest Tuscan walnut a hard cabinet wood, chocolate brown in color, it is tough, dense, durable, and very strong

Wade Logan Blue Braid Framed Painting Print Looks like the top of a serene pool. Earthy greens and faded blues. Acrylic paint. Comes with frame.