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Sand, soda, lime and fire. In the heart of the hot shop, in a fiery kiln, elements meld to create the red hot glass mass. A expert hand grabs a pipe, lifts a gather of glass out of the oven, and starts working it calmly, phase by phase. Twirl, lift.

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Alessi T Giradischi Ottico Magnetico Multiple Gruppo T . Glass, iron and aluminum. Rotating magnetic tracks moving on a surface of metal powder. of
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Pentru a se integra in amenajarea casei tale, mobilierul rustic Farmhouse este personalizabil. Poti alege dimensiunile pieselor, finisajul, feroneria. Suprafetele sunt nefinisate. Dulapurile sau comodele sunt lucrate integral in lemn masiv. Pentru familiaritate, necesitati practice, si farmec rustic.
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