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unique mirrors are made utilizing trapunto, a of quilting process of taking 2 layers of flat fabrics with light padding in between and sewing them together with an over-all design, fabrics used for quilting are often prints or plain satins, 2 s of quilting are used loom quilting which produces any overall design on a fabric, 2 outline quilting in which each element of a design a lily for

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Tech Lighting Oval Mirror Oval mirror surrounded by a cove the concave section of a molding or some other object of diffused white
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Tech Lighting Round Mirror Round mirror surrounded by a cove the concave section of a molding or some other object of diffused white
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Global Views Adas Edge Mirror Glass. Beveled edge design. 2 wire hooks. Can hang horizontally or vertically. Mirror Wall mirror. Shape
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Artist Lane Sailing Albert Jennifer Webb Painting Print 35% Cotton and 65% polyester a man-made fiber, trade namesdacron, fortrel, kodel, most like cotton in